Blogging is too hard

My friend feed on Facebook is alive with posts threatening to dump Facebook once and for all. Writing blogs is hard though and, as evidenced by this site, people rarely keep them up to date. What will be the result of all these people killing their Facebook accounts? Will it mean less time on the computer and a more balanced world view? Could it instead mean that messaging returns to a more centralized structure where only a few large corporations control the day to day information feed? #BringBackBlogs

Guicing up Selenium with Docker

I’m giving a talk at Java One on using Giulius (Tim Boudreau’s hella sexy Google Guice based dependency injection system for JUnit) with Selenium and Docker.

I can’t figure out how to directly reference a talk on the JavaOne website (come on Oracle) so here is a link to the search page.

Special thanks once again to Bruno Souza for kicking me in the pants and making me submit a talk to JavaOne.  It is always a pleasure to share the knowledge.

For those of you who arrived at this link via the reference in my slides, here are some useful resources.

Giulius on GitHub
Demo files from my talk
PDF of my slides